You recognize and concur that we should have the privilege (however not the commitment) in our sole attentiveness, to pre-screen, decline or take off any project by the client given that its content disregards these terms or is generally offensive or unlawful, disgusting, profane, defamatory, actuates religious, racial or ethnic contempt, or abuses the privileges of others. Activity that is conveyed to our consideration which shows up in our sole judgment to damage the law will be conveyed to the consideration of the best possible experts. You recognize, assent and concur that we may access, save, and reveal your record data and substance if required to do as such by law or in a good faith belief that such access safeguarding or revelation is sensibly important to: (an) comply with the legitimate process; (b) authorize these terms; (c) react to claims regarding any content that abuses the privileges of outsiders; (d) respond to your requests for client administration; or (e) ensure our rights, property, or security of the rights, property, or wellbeing of our clients or the general population.


Pear Pixels offers 100% unique and original design services for its wide customer base.

Request Down payment

Due adjustment will be required toward the finish of the task or when halfway milestones are accomplished. It would be ideal if your method of payment demonstrates a reduced sum for the due balance. This is just a regulatory element to reflect the initial deposit amount. Rebates are not accessible unless beforehand concurred with our colleagues.

Discount Policy

Discounts are just accessible to the actual client for whom the design job was done. No discount is accessible for the firms or for the individuals who order our plan on behalf of another entity. Besides, you might relinquish the privilege to the discount laid out above on the off chance that you ask for extra modifications to any of the initial concepts. You should likewise relinquish the privilege to a discount in the event that you don’t react in a timely way to a notification from us. Moreover, you recognize that you will have no right (express or suggested) to utilize any of the work delivered by us, nor will you have any ownership for or to the same.

Money Back Guarantee

Pear Pixels will be liable to a refund if the design provided to the client is not as per the client’s requirements. The refund will only be accepted in case of a genuine reason and until proper explanation is provided by the client.

Copyrights and Trademarks

Any design that Pear Pixels has created and is intended for a particular customer is to be used by that particular customer for which it was designed. Pear Pixels does not hold any rights to the design made for a customer.
Pear Pixels does not record a trademark application for the logos intended for its customer. The customer is allowed to register as a trademark the design made for it by Pear Pixels.
If installment for any logo design is not made as per the installment strategies of Pear Pixels, then all of the client’s rights in and to the logo design made for it, including any trademark property, will instantly return to the company.
Pear Pixels warrants that its designs are of its own creation and are not duplicated from or inspired by existing designs or trademarks yet does not warrant that a design will not match any concept of which it didn’t know at the time of its creation or which did not exist before the design was created by Pear Pixels.
On the off chance that for some unintentional reason a logo designed by Pear Pixels appears to be indistinguishable to another party’s logo, Pear Pixels will give a free redraw session with a new log